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Discord Bot

Welcome to KeenBot

Few things to get started with the bot
First For a full set of commands, visit our website: Click here or try =cmds
You can protect your server from hackers or vandalism by =security and see how we can protect your server
To use the music features you only need to type =music

Some Commands

To activate the random welcome message use =setwelcome #channel
to display it use =welcomeOff
To activate logging server(log) use =setlog #channel
to display it use =logOff
To set level up message in a Custom channel use =setlvl #channel
to display it use =lvlOff

Economy Commands

To see your level and xp use =profile
To pay for someone use =pay @member [Number]
To see how much KB Money do you have use =bank or =bank @member

More Commands

You want some fun memes for example oky try =fun and see!
What else, i don't remember xD oh don't forget to join KeenBot Support server to suggest some ideas for me
You can play and have fun with your friends by use =games and you will see our games
i Recommend to play =xo with your friends you will love it

and more more Commands you will find it by inviting KeenBot to your server visit our website by Click here

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